Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Texas Tech

So I decided I would post something to the blog. I got bored what can I say and as much fun as chemistry sounds, this was more appealing.

The end of school is coming up pretty fast and I must say that my first year in college went pretty well. I met a lot of people and learned a lot. I think all of my classes are going to end well, although I didn't get any midterm grades so my assumptions could be wrong. I will find out for sure in May how I did. I was asked to join Gamma Beta Phi. It's an honor society that you are allowed to join if you are in the top twenty percent of your class. I didn't now I had done that well last semester but apparently I did.

What my friends and I do at Tech on the weekends when we get bored. We go to the park and take random pictures. There are some really good ones that I may post later. :D

I hope everyone is having fun in Washington. Well beside my own family which is in Texas, but you know what I mean. I am going to study and get ready for a test tomorrow and a test next week. Probably a better idea then blogging! :D


  1. I always thought TTU students went to Prairie Dog Town when they got bored!

  2. Congratulations Abbey! Guess all that studying must've payed off, even if you are goofing off now.... hey, get to work!

  3. Wow - Abbey are you impressed with yourself? I am impressed with you. Way to go girl. Of course this is only the first year and there are how many more down the road so be careful and keep up the good work. Not to much fooling around?
    Love Yah