Thursday, April 22, 2010


Inky from last summer
Inky left us today. About 5:35PM CDT. We thought he might not make it past our summer vacation last August, but he kept on keeping on until this morning when he couldn't get up, eat, or drink any more. He went out the same way he lived his life. An unusually calm and mellow dog, taking what life threw at him without complaint.

A chart on the vet wall indicated he was 115 in dog years. He'll be missed. Note to Inky - stay away from the chocolate in Dog Heaven - it's not good for dogs. Instead, go chase those durn cats!


  1. I'm trying this again. Sorry to hear about Inky; then again 115 dog years is pretty good. Must have been all those swims in the pool. Not many dogs get to do that. Well, Inky presente! You will be remembered as a King of Dogs -- and happy cat hunting in pet heaven.

  2. Cats occupy an important ecological niche. They would provide a ready source of not-too-smart food for dogs, while they sharpen their hunting skills, if people should suddenly disappear.

    Actually, as far as I know, Inky never really seriously CHASED any cat. He DID chase a few birds but never got near catching any. He caught a few bugs, but bugs are not a real achievement for a dog.

  3. Inky GOT chased by a few cats. He wasn't ever brave enough to chase any of them. They liked to taunt him. He was goober and liked being human instead. I still think he thought he was a human and not a dog.

    I miss you Inky Stinky Doo!

  4. Actually, he was "Inky Dinky Doo of Cabott." I miss him too...

  5. Nice write-up about Inky.
    What a timely coincidence that I run into this page today!
    RIP Inky.