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Averill Places

Averill, Vermont
Averill, VT - Wikipedia
Averill in Vermont is a tiny hamlet that, according to Wikipedia, has 24 people. Virtual Vermont also has a blurb on it, here. Nearby are Big Averill Lake, and Little Averill Lake. Averill was named after Samuel Averill, who got a land grant in the area way back in 1762. This was before Vermont declared its independence from New Hampshire in 1777. Samuel Averill was described in some detail in the Clara Avery book "The Averell-Averill-Avery Family, Volume 1," starting on page 242. He was one of the Averills of Washington, Connecticut. His original farm still exists and has its own web site.  It is called "Averill Farm, but I include it with the Vermont Averill locales since Samuel was involved in both. More on the Averill Farm can be found here and here. Samuel was buried in the Averill Cemetery, not far from the Averill Farm His findagrave memorial may be found here.

Averill Park, New York State
Averill Park in New York is a small town in Rensselaer County. About 1600 people live there. Averill Park is a part of the larger town of Sand Lake. Wikipedia does, however, have an article on Averill Park, here. There is also some added detail about Averill Park in the Clara Avery book, starting on page 549. Read all about "Major" James Gill Averill. His findagrave memorial may be found here. As you might expect, he's buried in Sand Lake Union Cemetery

Averill, Minnesota
John Averill - Clara Avery
Averill in Minnesota is named after General John T Averill, who fought in the War of the Rebellion for his adopted State of Minnesota as part of the 6th Minnesota Infantry Regiment. Mostly, the 6th fought Indians along the frontier, though they did storm Fort Blakely, Alabama, in one of the last actions of the war. Anyway, there's a brief story about the town on Wikipedia, here. There's also one on General John Averill himself, here, and starting on page 638 of Volume 2 of the Clara Avery book. John Averill is buried in Minnesota. His findagrave memorial may be found here.

Averill Park, Los Angeles, California
Not all of the "Averill" places are in the northeast. In Los Angeles, in the San Pedro area is a place called "Averill Park." The LA summary is here, but it tells nothing about the park history or how its name came to be. We are, however, fortunate that some newspapers have started blogs of their own and they post about things like this. The Daily Breeze made an excellent post, here, on the history and features of Averill Park. Horace and his brothers are too young to find more than a minor place in the Clara Avery book but they were sons of David Averill, of Lincoln, Maine. What Clara wrote starts in Volume 2, page 614. Horace and Herbert were both buried at Inglewood Park Cemetery in Inglewood (home of the new LA Rams stadium). Their findagrave memorial may be found here. The third brother, Dr George, was buried back in Maine. While these Averills were from Maine, they are not closely related to Earl Averill. Which brings us to the last entry for today.

Averill Field, Snohomish, Washington
Earl Averill in Long Beach, WA
When we were all much younger than today, and PARTICULARLY when in Snohomish County, I was often asked if we were related to Earl Averill and his family. Well, that's a whole 'nother story. In truth I believe I am his eight cousin, once or twice removed. Back before the American Revolution, some Averills moved north into what is now Maine, while OUR branch of the Averills moved south into Connecticut. Anyway, Averill Field was named not long after Earl Averill left Snohomish for fame with the Cleveland Indians (he's in both the Major League and Snohomish HS Halls of Fame). There's a good blog story on it, here. As you can tell from the article, Snohomish tore down the field over the objections of the Averill family. However, sometimes things come BACK. After much delay (and possible some illegalities by the City of Snohomish, Averill Field is being rebuilt. The latest Facebook story on it can be found here. Even more recently, it appears that Snohomish has caved in early in January and is renaming the place Averill Field. THAT story is here. Speaking of which, if you are ever in Long Beach, Washington, stop by Marsh's Free Museum. There's an arcade game that features Earl Averill. THAT is shown at left and below. Earl is buried at the GAR Cemetery in Snohomish. His findagrave memorial may be found here. His son, sometimes known as "Earl Jr," recently passed away in Tacoma. Earl Jr also played baseball for Snohomish HS, as well as for a number of MLB teams.

Earl Averill; Center Field. In Real Life, he Hit a Line Drive that Broke Dizzy Dean's Toe

Monday, January 21, 2019

Rice Ancestors

Reading an Ancestor Tree
This is a post in which  I summarize what I have found out about the Rice Family. As near as I can tell, the people known as "Rice" originated from Nottinghamshire. Most of them were born in "Barton in Fabis," though it appears another Rice family lived about a mile away in "Clifton in Glapton."

About 1825, John Rice moved to Great Grimsby got married, and then on to Gainsborough in Lincolnshire. They stayed there for another generation.

Some time around 1875, Thomas Rice moved the family from Gainsborough to the Sheffield area. At the time, this was part of Yorkshire West Riding (the other two parts of Yorkshire were North Riding and East Riding). Today, that'd be in South Yorkshire.

It was while in Ecclesfield (near Sheffield), that William, Thomas's son, met and married Rhoda Ibbotson. Pretty much the entire Ibbotson family was from the West Riding. With one exception, they were all from less than ten miles from Ecclesfield, where Thomas Rawson was born in 1896. Rhoda Ibbotson's mother's side of the family were all from High or Low Bradfield, going back to at least around 1500. In fact, the farm where Rhoda's mother and paternal grandfather was born was called "Smallfield," and it still exists. A photo of it from Wikimedia may be seen here. Her grandfather's wife's Bramall side of the family historically lived at "Rocher End" and "Rocher Head." There is a photo of the ruins of Rocher Head here.

Anyway, the first three generations going back are shown below. After that, click on any of the images or links to bring up a large ancestor tree for each ancestor family branch.

At this time, I haven't chased back the Whitworth and Hopkinson family, though there's probably more info due to the efforts of the Whitworth cousins of Eileen and Audrey. More on THAT later!

 1st gen  2nd gen 3rd gen 

William Rice (click here for ancestor tree)
Thomas Rawson Rice
May Rice
Rhoda Ibbotson (click here for ancestor tree)
Audrey Lucille Rice
Eileen Whitworth Rice
Samuel Henry Whitworth (click here for ancestor tree)
Lucy Whitworth
Sam Whitworth
Lucy Hopkinson (click here for ancestor tree)

Most Rice Ancestors Originate in These Places

William Rice Ancestor Tree is below:
Rhoda Ibbotson Ancestor Tree is below:
Samuel Henry Whitworth Ancestor Tree is below:
Lucy Hopkinson Ancestor Tree is below:

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Which Averill is Which?

Pomfret News Clipping about Hannah and Her Children
Here's a puzzle for anybody that cares to solve it. I have a photo that contains (among other people) Joseph Warren Averill and Rufus Burton Averill. I believe the photo was taken on Thanksgiving in 1879, in Pomfret, Connecticut. I also believe that the photo contains all NINE of Lewis and Hannah Averill's children that lived past childhood. The news clipping at the top is why I harbor this belief. The photo has Charles Henry Averill identified, and it also has one of the other younger brothers misidentified. The puzzle is to determine which photo below belongs to which brother. Clicking on any photo will bring up a much larger version. Right clicking on one of the Brother photos will allow you to open it in a new tab and view it full sized.

Brother Number 1

Brother Number 1
Brother Number 1 is seated in the front row, on the right side of the photo (his right hand is at the left of this photo). There is a woman seated to his right. The woman is seated next to Hannah Averill (Burton).

Brother Number 2

Brother Number 2
Brother Number 2 is seated in the front row, on the left side of the photo (his right hand is mostly covered up by his left arm). Hannah Averill (Burton) is seated to his left.

From Clara Avery's excellent book on the Averill family, following are the synopses she had on Joseph and on Rufus. So I put it to my loyal reader, which one is Joseph and which one is Rufus?

Clara Avery Synopsis on Joseph Averill

Clara Avery Synopsis on Rufus Averill

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

God Speed Two Unrelated John Glenns

When growing up, I recall hearing about how we were related to John Glenn, the Astronaut. Recently, however, I've done some investigating to see if that might really be so. Getting the ancestry tree for the astronaut was pretty simple. It's readily available on the Internet. You can see it below.

John Herschel Glenn Jr's Ancestry Tree from
Well, one thing that jumps right out at you is that the astronaut had direct ancestors in Pennsylvania before the revolution and until they moved out to Ohio.

OUR family, on the other hand, has an ancestor tree for Daisy Glenn (Sylvia Averill's mother) as shown below.

John Sylvia Glenn family tree

Glenn Valve ad from American Engineer
There are a number of significant items to note. First, James Glenn came from Northern Ireland just like the astronaut ancestors, but they were in the US before the revolution, whereas he got here in 1790. What's more, they were in the same part of Pennsylvania (Cumberland County is near Centre County), but there are NO common names in the genealogy. What's more, the astronaut Glenns were in Ohio before our John Glenn was born - in Pennsylvania. What's more, Daisy was born in Pennsylvania. I could go on and on, but I've got a couple of tidbits to share. 

Our John Glenn was a machinist that ran a valve company in Chicago. His father, ALSO named John Glenn (AKA John Sr), was a blacksmith. This valve company left John Jr pretty well off. I believe that he lived in the house that is shown below.

Fremont Street Residence from Google Maps Streetview

If you go to Redfin, you can see the house for sale listing, here. As you can see, it was pricey, even in 2016, though it certainly has been extensively remodeled since John and his family lived there. The reason I believe this to be JSG's house is that Chicago renumbered all the houses back in the early 20th Century (after John passed away) and the book says 115 became 1934. The lower level house was also around when the renumbering took place, but I don't know who lived there back then.Yup, we're talking about a duplex that's over $1M.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Charles Henry Averill and Maria Louise Elliott in Nebraska and on to Illinois

Charles Henry and Maria Louise Averill in Front of the Marengo House Sometime Between 1900 and 1911
Charles Henry Averill represented a major shift in the Connecticut wing of the Averill family. Around 1870, he took his family and they all moved to Nebraska in order to homestead farmland around Wisner. His son, Edward and his daughter, Anna (Annie) stayed in Nebraska. The rest of them moved on with Charles Henry and Maria Louise when they left Nebraska around 1890 in order to go to Marengo, Illinois.

Charles and Maria Enlargement From the Previous Photo

There, they built a house that still stands and is clearly recognizable, though they've added a garage, changed the porch, and made a few other nips and tucks over the last century. I will let the photos and news clippings that accompany this post to tell some of the rest of the story. Click on any graphic for a larger version. This is particularly useful for the newspaper clippings.

Obituary of C H Averill
Obituary of M L Elliott

Google Maps Streetview of CH and ML Averill's House in Marengo

Monday, September 24, 2018

Five Averill Brothers

From Left: Edward, Charles, William, Frederick, and Warren
In the early 19th Century, our wing of the Averill Family lived in Connecticut. Specifically, they lived in and around Pomfret. However, after the middle of the Century, things were on the move. Charles Henry Averill had married Maria Louise Elliott. Their first three children (Ida, Edward, and Anna) were all born in Connecticut or Rhode Island. the rest were born in Nebraska. Some moved on to Illinois, and some stayed in Nebraska. The photo at top shows the five brothers born to Charles Henry and Maria Louise. I believe the photo shows them in order from oldest to youngest. If that is so, then from left, we have:

  • Edward
  • Charles
  • William
  • Frederick
  • Warren

Fred is Robert Louis Averill's grandfather and he fought in the Spanish War.
Charles died at a fairly young age, but his one son was later taken under William's wing.
William is Eleanor Averill's father. His other two children each died before the age of four.
Edward is Eddie Averill's grandfather. Eddie was the one that shared the Nebraska farm with Robert. Warren finished WW1 as an aviator.

None of the Averill sisters are in this photo. Perhaps they have a separate photo of their own that I haven't found yet. However, Anna Waldo Emley (Averill) was notable among them. She was prominent in the DAR. Her DAR ancestry is shown here. One of her sons (Arthur Averill Emley) fought in Mexico with Black Jack Pershing, and later as a Captain in WW1. I do know that Ida, Anna, and Maude all lived to a ripe old age. However, that's another post entirely.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Grandad Rice

According to the Notation on the Back of the Card, the Photo was Taken at the Crystal Palace
Recently, I discovered that Thomas Rawson Rice was not just a soldier in the Great War. He was a Royal Marine Medic. His picture is shown at top. I don't know who circled his photo, but it definitely makes it easy to pick him out from the crowd.

According to the British National Archives, he enlisted on January 22, 1916, and was given Register Number 4344 in the Royal Marines Medical Unit. He was demobilized on July 6, 1919.

Yes, I've scanned in a bunch of photos...

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Adding Electronic Clarity

I've been busy looking through Internet records. Electronic stuff is divided into a number of main folders and is on a USB flash drive (with backup on hard drive). These include (PINK for the Petersons and BLUE for the Averills):

  • Ancestor Trees from Family Tree Maker software
  • Averill
  • Erickson
  • Ettinger and Glenn (Averill side)
  • General and Unverified Stuff
  • Jacobs
  • Peterson
  • Rice
  • Tuft
  • Whitworth
Within folders, I've elected to use a descriptive approach to the files, and leave whatever id they have from their internet source. Things scanned in are so noted and the originals will be filed in accord with their family and major heading. All items in the folder are at the highest resolution available.

One problem I've found is that my first picture of Nancy's grandmother was labeled as "the only known..." Well, that didn't last long. I found another picture on the internet and will show it in a new post. I also haven't resolved what file to put married women who changed their names. Sometimes I've filed them under their maiden name and sometimes under their married name. I'll have to clean that up before too long.

Two examples of file naming may be seen below.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Major Headings First Cut

Major Heading Number
Birth, Death and Marriage Records 01
Census Records 02
Correspondence 03
Gravestones 04
Newspaper Articles 05
Maps 06
Books and biographies 07
Photographs 08
Wills and Deeds 09
Society Records 10
Oral histories and stories 11
Reunion Info 12
Family Histories 13
Addresses 14
Receipts 15
Military Records 16
Manuscripts and Transcriptions 17
Church Records 18
Government Documents 19
School Records 20
Internet Findings 21

Family Headings First Cut

Updated on July 19, 2018. Mostly to skim down families we may have no paper records of.

Averill A-2
Barry B-1
Bates B-2
Bemis B-3
Burlinghame B-4
Burton B-5
Cogswell C-1
Conkle C-2
Copestock C-3
Corbin C-4
Dale D-1
Elliott E-1
Emley E-2
Erickson E-3
Ettinger E-4
Faloon F-1
Farr F-2
Glazier G-1
Glenn G-2
Griffen G-3
Hendee H-1
Hinton H-2
Hopkinson H-3
Hutchinson H-4
Hyde H-5
Ibbotson I-1
Jackson J-1
Jacobs J-2
Joy J-3
Knight K-1
Mighell M-1
Osgood O-1
Peterson P-1
Phillips P-2
Rice R-1
Scarborough S-1
Schmidt S-2
Snell S-3
Thompson T-1
Thorne T-2
Tuft T-3
Waldo W-1
Weakley W-2
Whitworth W-3

Monday, April 16, 2018

Illinois Averills

Where Arthur and Sylvia fit on the Averill family tree

 Looking through Genealogy records of the family, there's a lot of stuff there that might be suggestive of evidence, though a lot of it would not pass muster nowadays. However, amongst that, are Illinois Driver Licenses of Arthur and Sylvia. These are pretty good evidence of residence and of their dates of birth. In fact, you can see that Sylvia's birthday is May 26 according to her DL, while I had it down as May 20!

Arthur Averill DL that expired in 1942

Sylvia Averill DL that expired in 1985
Also falling into the category of evidence, and a bit more lighthearted, was the moving sale invite that Arthur and Sylvia put out when the first moved to Chestnut Street in 1938. Tantalizingly, it includes the house numbers of their old house, though not the street.

Fixed Grandma's  birthday

As you can see, Chestnut Street wasn't as built-up in 1938, being on Rural Route 1