Rice Puzzle

Rhoda Rice with Thomas Rawson Rice - the ONLY Labeled Photograph
Scanning various photographs, one has to see various similarities and differences. Such has been the case with one series of photographs, that look as if they are photos of other photos. Only the first one was labeled, that one is shown at the beginning of this page. Since Rawson was born in May of 1896, this would make the photo sometime in late 1896 or early 1897. At that time, Rhoda would have been around 30. Her Maiden name was Ibbotson, but that doesn't enter into this series of photos.

The second photo, shown below, appears to be either the same woman or someone with similar features with a man. Stretching things only a little, I'd guess this is Rhoda with her husband, William Rice. William was Thomas Rawson's father. Assuming the photo was taken only a few years after the first one, that'd make him about 35.

Is this William Rice with Rhoda?
Stretching things further, there appears to be yet another photograph of the woman in the second picture; this time with an older woman. That photo is below. I think it is unlikely that the older woman was her mother since Rhoda was born when her mother was nearly 40. That'd make her 70 when Rawson was born. Rhoda did, however, have three older sisters, who were between 3 and 15 years older. Alternately, it might have been either one of William's sisters or even his mother, who was Sarah Ringrose before she married. Sarah was ten years younger than Rhoda's mother - William was one of the older children and Rhoda was only two years ahead of the baby of the Ibbotson family. Inquiring minds want to know!

Is it Rhoda on the Right and Who is With Her?

However, the mystery isn't over yet. In the same series of photos is one that is shown below.
That photo is taken much later - note how the styles had changed. I wonder if that last photo is of Rhoda and William ten or even fifteen years later. You tell me!

For extra credit, come up with the name of the cute little dog in the last picture...

Rhoda and William Rice in Later Years?